My short answer when asked how I got started in carpentry is, "I picked it up in prison." To elaborate, I was volunteering in a Tennessee women's prison with my church, when a fellow volunteer asked if I'd be interested in helping him with some carpentry jobs. At the time I was struggling to break into Nashville's music industry and graciously accepted the offer. After a few weeks of work, I started to really like working with wood. I began buying my own tools, taking my own jobs (many of which barely paid for the tools required to complete them) all while distancing myself from the music industry I had moved to Nashville for in the first place. In April of 2017, I made the big step of moving back home to northern Maine to start my own carpentry and woodworking business and haven't looked back. We now build and ship products nationwide and will one day have a retail shop in downtown Caribou.

-Derick St. Peter, Owner